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We're Growing! New Pastoral Location Coming to Andersonville

Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread & Wine is pleased to announce that we have signed a lease to open a new space in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood. The new location will feature a hybrid retail and restaurant/wine bar and will be the our largest project to-date. An undertaking of this size would not be possible without the amazing support of our producers, customers and local communities, and for that we are incredibly grateful!

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Fall In Love with Bar Pastoral's NEW Menu!

Celebrate the Month of the Love with artisan fare that inspires, surprises and tells a story of the incredible producers behind our products. While you'll still find lots of melted cheese, roasted meats and hearty comfort food on our menu - we've hit the 'refresh' button to bring you a few dishes and events to brighten up these cold winter days.

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