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Valentine's Day at Bar Pastoral

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New Year, New Menu

All new Seasonal Offerings from Bar Pastoral

Coeur a la Creme Medley

Valentine's Day Treats For Your Sweetheart

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Focusing on artisan cheese, bread, wine, charcuterie & accompaniments.

Fall In Love with Bar Pastoral's NEW Menu!

Celebrate the Month of the Love with artisan fare that inspires, surprises and tells a story of the incredible producers behind our products. While you'll still find lots of melted cheese, roasted meats and hearty comfort food on our menu - we've hit the 'refresh' button to bring you a few dishes and events to brighten up these cold winter days.

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Celebrating 10 Years in Chicago with our New Gift Collections

In 2004, Ken Miller and Greg O'Neill opened Pastoral in Lakeview with a mission to provide Chicago with the highest level of service and education for our customers, striving to make shopping for and consuming artisan goods enlightening, approachable, fun and delicious. We’re eager to continue finding even more ways to inspire and be inspired by our cherished community of customers, artisans and food lovers. To that end, you’ll find that our 2014-2015 gift catalog pays homage to the community we hold so dear - featuring medleys and collections that reflect our iconic neighborhoods and hometown roots.

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