Pastoral Catering Tray Spread


Pastoral Tray With Bucheron And Wine Our joy of sharing great food with friends and family has inspired us to create an array of catering options that make entertaining easy and fun.

Either stop into any of our locations or give us a call to place your catering order. Delivery is available to a limited area surrounding our stores. See our Local Delivery Map for details on our delivery range and pricing.

Each of our hand-crafted, wooden trays is filled with a bounty of artisan cheese and bread with a variety of accompaniments like charcuterie, olives, almonds, fruit and honey. For occasions large and small, Pastoral’s catering menu features everything from crowd-pleasing combinations to old-world classics and foodie-friendly American artisan selections. We’ve attended to every detail in making these trays abundant, delicious, beautiful and ready to enjoy.

We wouldn’t let you forget the refreshments either--5% and 10% discounts for half and full cases of wine and beer are available. Pastoral staff is happy to help select the perfect pairing or put together mixed cases to fit your needs.

Looking for Sandwich Trays?  Artisan options for a party of two? Check out our Pastoral Picnic options.

For special requests, staffed events, corporate events and information on fromager and sommelier services visit our Private Events page for more details.


Entertaining Platters

Download a Printable Menu

Pastoral Tray Size Guide:
Small serves 8 to 10 - Medium serves 14 to 18 - Large serves 20 to 26

The appropriate tray size may deviate from our suggestions, depending on the circumstances of your event. Consult a Pastoral Associate to determine which size is right for you!

The Crowd Pleaser
Marieke Gouda, Bûcheron, Fromage d'Affinois, 4 Month Manchego

The Crowd Pleaser

The cheeses you know, love and crave.  Sweet and delicate Marieke Gouda (raw cow), crumbly and tangy Bûcheron (goat), buttery Fromage d'Affinois (cow) and nutty 4 month Manchego (sheep).  Accompanied by dried Mission figs, house-roasted spiced almonds, dried apriots, baguette and flatbread.

Small $74.99 | Medium $109.99 | Large $139.99

American Artisans
Kentucky Rose, Green Hill, Cabot Clothbound, Toma

American Artisans

From the Dairylands of America.  Earthy and grassy Kentucky Rose (cow), creamy Green Hill (cow), crumbly Cabot Clothbound (cow), and the simple yet elegant Toma (cow).  Accompanied by olives, house-roasted spiced almonds, Ames Farm honey, baguette and flatbread.

Small $89.99 | Medium $129.99 | Large $169.99

Continental Connoisseur
Saint Félicien, Sainte Maure, 1655 Gruyère, Montasio Vino Rosso

Sophisticated palates, rejoice!  Decadent Saint Félicien (cow), earthy Sainte Maure (goat), nutty and buttery 1655 Gruyère (raw cow), and the grape rubbed Montasio Vino Rosso (cow).  Accompanied by dried Mission figs, house-roasted spiced almonds, Ames Farm honey, baguette and flatbread.

Small $99.99 | Medium $139.99 | Large $179.99

A Taste of France

Le Pommier, Morbier, Fourme d'Ambert, Ossau-Iraty

From the country that perfected cheese.  Garlicky Le Pommier (cow), meaty Morbier (raw cow), milky Fourme d'Ambert (cow), and creamy, rich Ossau-Iraty (sheep).  Accompanied by Niçoise and picholine olives, baguette and flatbread.

Small $69.99 | Medium $99.99 | Large $129.99

A Taste of France Deluxe - Upgrade your tray and add the following:
Rosette de Lyon, Saucisson d'Alsace, French Whole Grain Mustard, Cornichons

Small $89.99 | Medium $144.99 | Large $ 179.99

Roman Conquest
Quadrello di Bufala, Queso de Valdeón
, Zamorano, Pantaleo

Roman Conquest Deluxe

The spirit and warmth of the Mediterranean.  Creamy and slightly funky Quadrello di Bufala (water buffalo), crumbly Queso de Valdeón (cow & goat), nutty Zamorano (raw sheep), and tangy Pantaleo (goat).  Accompanied by Marcona almonds, dried Mission figs, olives, baguette and flatbread.

Small $89.99 | Medium $144.99 | Large $169.99

Roman Conquest Deluxe - Upgrade your tray and add the following:
Spanish Chorizo, Coppa, Roasted Piquillo Peppers

Small $99.99 | Medium $149.99 | Large $189.99

Les Charcuteries
Salame Toscano, Jamon Serrano, Country Pâté
, Saucisson sec Basquese

Le Charcuterie

Carnivorous connoisseurs, this is your charcuterie dream!  Peppercorn-studded, silky Salame Toscano, salty and smoky Jamon Serrano, rich country pâté and spicy Saucisson sec Basquese.  Accompanied by Spanish pipparas, cornichons, French whole grain mustard, and baguette.

Small $89.99 | Medium $129.99 | Large $169.99

Mediterranean Antipasti
Prosciutto San Daniele,
Milano Italian Salami, Finocchiona Salami

Mediterrannean Antipasti

Charcuterie with an Italian flair.  Luscious and velvety Prosciutto San Daniele, garlicky and peppery Milano Italian Salami and herbaceous Finocchiona.  Accompanied by oven-roasted tomatoes marinated in olive and herbs, Sour Puss Pickles' curried cauliflower and ginger carrots, housemade artichoke tapenade, French whole grain mustard, and baguette. 

Small $99.99 | Medium $139.99 | Large $179.99

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Vegetable Platter

Vegetables fit for a king and the perfect complement to our cheese, sandwich or charcuterie trays.  Includes Spanish piquillo peppers, Roman long-stemmed artichokes, marinated Tuscan giant white beans, house-roasted portobello mushroom caps, oven-roasted tomatoes marinated in olive oil and herbs, and mixed olives.

Small $ 49.99 | Medium $74.99 | Large $99.99

Whole Smoked Alaskan Salmon Tray (Two day pre-order required)

Whole Smoked Salmon Tray

Delicious, cold-smoked, whole line-caught Alaskan salmon is beautifully arranged with housemade dill crème fraîche, savory capers, red onions, cucumbers and lemon wedges.

Market price per pound of salmon plus the following for tray set up and accompaniments.  Exact weight of salmon cannot be guaranteed.

Small $39.99 + market price (4-5 lbs) | Medium $49.99 + market price (6-7 lbs) | Large $59.99 + market price (8+ lbs)

Artisan Cookie Tray

Freshly baked housemade cookies bring sweet delights to round out your meal.  Served with delicious chocolate-covered almonds from Spain and Michigan dried cherries.

Small $44.99 | Medium $69.00 | Large $94.99


Serves 4 to 6 people

Little Something Special
Zamorano, Délice de Bourgogne, Morbier, Pantaleo

An intimate platter delivering robust flavors.  Nutty, firm and a bit creamy Zamorano (raw sheep), luscious Délice de Bourgogne (cow), meaty Morbier (raw cow), lemony and tangy Pantaleo (goat).  Accompanied by house-roasted spiced almonds, mixed olives, flatbread and baguette.


Little Something for Everyone
Fromage d'Affinois, Prairie Breeze, Campo de Montalban, Ossau-Iraty

Simple brilliance to be enjoyed by all.  Buttery Fromage d'Affinois (cow), mild and fruity Prairie Breeze (cow), nutty and milky Campo de Montalban (sheep, cow & goat), creamy and rich Ossau-Iraty (sheep).  Accompanied by house-roasted spiced almonds, mixed olives, flatbread and baguette.


BEAUCOUP de Fromage

Event Platters - Small serves up to 35, Large serves up to 65

All platters are accompanied by Cook au Vin Baguette

Bucheron + Dried Cherries

Small $69.99 | Large $129.99
A lemony & tangy fresh goat’s milk cheese with tart Cherries. Beaucoup Bucheron

1655 Gruyère + Spiced Almonds

Small $79.99 | Large $139.99

Nutty and buttery raw cow's milk cheese with house-roasted almonds.

Salemville + Dried Mission Figs

Small $59.99 | Large $109.99
A crumbly milder cow’s milk Amish blue with savory Figs.

Zamarano + Spiced Almonds

Small $79.99 | Large $149.99
A creamy aged raw sheep’s milk cheese with our house-roasted almonds.

Prairie Breeze + Spiced Almonds

Small $84.99 | Large $159.99
Mild and fruity cow's milk cheddar cheese with house-roasted almonds.

Fromage D’Affinois + Dried Apricots

Small $69.99 | Large $129.99
A torta with fig & black tea preserve or shallot confit, & Turkish apricots.Beaucoup Fromage D'affinois

pastoral bites

Download a Printable Menu.

**Pastoral Bites must be ordered AT LEAST 72 HOURS IN ADVANCE by phone or in store during business hours.

Mediterranean  (v) (g)

Mediterranean 225x150White Bean Puree, Cucumber, Greek Yogurt, Roasted Tomato, Fresh Thyme, Lemon Zest, Pita Crisp

The perfect Mediterranean-inspired kick to complement any combination of food and beverage at your party. Delicious Greek yogurt is paired with fresh cucumber slices, house-made white bean puree, oven-roasted tomato, and garnished with fresh thyme and lemon. A zesty, bright and refreshing bite.

$19.99 per 25 pieces,     $3.00 per additional 5 pieces

Pimento Cheese & Salumi Crostini (g)

Pimento And Salumi 225x150House-made Pimento Cheese, Molinari Salami, House-made Toastette

Infuse your event with a touch of comfort food. Our house-made pimento cheese features two great Wisconsin cheddars: Cedar Grove Medium Sharp (cow) and Widmer’s One Year (cow). We pair it with a slice of Molinari Italian Salami on a house-made toastette to create a party delight to remember.

$19.99 per 25 pieces,    $3.00 per additional 5 pieces

Prosciutto, Olive & Taleggio Crostini

Prosciutto Olive And Taleggio2 225x150Taleggio, Prosciutto San Daniele, House-made Black Olive Tapenade, Fresh Marjoram, House-made Toastette

This classic savory pairing combines creamy Taleggio (cow), thinly sliced Prosciutto San Daniele, Pastoral’s house-made black olive tapenade and fresh marjoram on a house-made toastette. An elegant addition to any event menu!

$24.99 per 25 pieces,     $4.99 per additional 5 pieces

Spanish Trio  (g)

Spanish Trio1 225x150Chorizo Espanol, 4-month Manchego, Piquillo Spread, Piparra Pepper, House-made Toastette

Spice up your menu with this perfect trio: smoky Chorizo Espanol, a mild young Manchego (sheep) and Pastoral’s house-made sweet and creamy Piquillo Pepper Spread. The crunch of the piparra garnish will please the palate and make you smile!

$24.99 per 25 pieces,    $4.99 per additional 5 pieces

House-made Pork Rillettes

Pork Rillettes2 225x150

House-made Pork Rillettes, Balsamic Caramelized Onions, Whole Grain Mustard, House-made Toastette

Indulge your guests with a little something special from our kitchen: Pastoral’s house-made pork rillettes served with caramelized onions and whole grain Dijon mustard on a house-made toastette. 

$24.99 per 25 pieces,    $4.99 per additional 5 pieces 

Chevre& Fennel Blood Orange Canapé

Chevre Fennel Blood Orange2 225x150

Fresh Chevre, Fennel Blood Orange Tapenade, Fresh Chives, Brioche Toast

This simple but elegant canapé is a sure fire way to impress your guests. We pair Vermont Creamery’s fresh chevre (goat) and Fennel & Blood Orange tapenade by Gracious Gourmet on top of buttery brioche toast finished off with fresh chives. The balance of citrus flavors with the kick of fennel is a wonderful way to start any event.

$24.99 per 25 pieces,    $4.99 per additional 5 pieces 

Scottish Salmon Canapé  (g)

Salmon 225x150

London Cure Smoked Scottish Salmon, Seasoned Quark, Fresh Dill, House-made Toastette

Everything you love about a smoked salmon tray in one perfect bite. Gently smoked Scottish salmon is perfectly paired with fresh Quark that has been seasoned with lemon, dill, capers, red onions, olive oil and cracked black pepper. All served atop a crispy toastette garnished with dill.

$29.99 per 25 pieces,     $5.99 per additional 5 pieces

Curds ‘n’ Berries

Curds N Berries Macro 225x150

Lemon Curd, Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Mint, Mini Tart Shells

Seeking the perfect after dinner dessert? Look no further than Pastoral’s house-made tart lemon curd served with fresh seasonal fruit and a touch of fresh mint in a mini tart shell.

$29.99 per 25 pieces,    $5.99 per additional 5 pieces 

Driftless Drumsticks

Drifltess Drumstick Tray 225x150Fresh Sheep’s Milk Cheese, Honey, Dried Apricot, Crumbled Candied Walnuts, Chocolate Drizzled Sweet Cone

Pastoral’s playful take on a favorite childhood ice cream treat. Fresh and tangy Driftless (fresh sheep’s milk cheese) sweetened with honey, topped with crumbled house-made candied walnuts and accompanied by bits of dried apricot, all served on top of a mini sweet cone filled with dark chocolate. 

$29.99 per 25 pieces,    $5.99 per additional 5 pieces


Medium-format salads feed 6-8 people, large-format salads feed 10-12.

Heartland Salad

Field greens, Pastoral bacon, blue cheese, roasted local turkey, avocado, red onions and red wine tomato vinaigrette. Medium $34.00, Large $52.00

Harvest Salad

Field greens, Aderkase Reserve blue cheese, green apples, local shallot confit, house-made prosciutto bacon and balsamic vinaigrette. Medium $40.00, Large $60.00

Health Nut Salad

Field greens, Podda cheese, cucumbers, avocado, spiced almonds and red wine vinaigrette. Medium $42.00, Large $62.00

Mediterranean Salad

Field greens, Podda, red onions, roasted tomatoes, marinated white beans and balsamic vinaigrette. Medium $34.00, Large $52.00


Medium-format salads are 2 lbs and feed 6-8 people, large-format salads are 3 lbs and feed 10-12.

Selections are subject to availability.

Green Bean and Kalamata Salad

Green beans, cherry tomatoes, red onions, kalamata olives, and fresh thyme all tossed together in our red wine vinaigrette. Medium $17.99, Large $26.99

Orzo Salad

Orzo, cherry tomatoes, Valbreso feta, kalamata olives, and green onions tossed in a lemon vinaigrette. Medium $17.99, Large $26.99

Pastoral Bacon Potato Salad

Yukon gold potatoes, Pastoral's house-made bacon, mayonnaise, green onions, parsley, and roasted garlic. Medium $17.99, Large $26.99

Couscous Salad

Isaeli couscous, montchevre, red peppers, cucumbers, and red onions in a creamy vinaigrette. Medium $17.99, Large $26.99


48 hours advance notice is highly recommended for all catering orders. Please contact Pastoral at least one week in advance for special services such as custom trays. Two weeks lead time is necessary for Pastoral staffed events. We will try our best to accommodate requests at shorter notices.

Because Pastoral is committed to serving only the finest artisan products in their optimal state, comparable substitutions may be necessary on occasion.