Staff Picks: Top 5 Holiday Must Haves!

Staff Picks: Top 5 Holiday Must Haves!

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Staff Picks: Top 5 Holiday Must Haves!

During the holidays, the wide variety of gift options can be daunting. Let Pastoral make it easy for you: we've rounded up the Staff Picks for the Top 5 Must Haves this Holiday Season! Our staff is dedicated to the promotion of small batch, artisan products, and each of these gifts represents this philosophy. All of these gifts are available online and in our stores.

1. Montgomery's Farmhouse Cheddar:

This Cheddar has a deep umami flavor with grassy, nutty notes. The cloth binding is a traditional step in the Cheddar making process that allows complex flavors to develop. It's perfect when paired with a robust whisky, such as Koval Lion's Pride (found in our stores), as a holiday treat.


2. Ames Farm Honey :

Ames Farm is dedicated to producing their honey in extremely small, hive-based batches. These honeys are available in 2 oz & 9 oz jars with a special code that you can input to discover exactly which hive produced your honey! 

Ames Honey 2

3. Pate de Fruits :

 Local confectioner Flora creates these fruity gems using fresh fruit found at Chicago's Green City Market. They go perfectly when paired with a variety of cheeses, including alpine, soft ripened and blue cheese. 


4. Brooklyn Slate Co. Cheeseboard:

Present your favorite cheeses on this striking black slate, sourced from the maker’s family quarry in upstate New York. Soapstone chalk is included to label cheeses with effortless style.

Brooklyn Slate

5. Schloss Lieser RIesling:

Rare, balanced and sublime, this Riesling is a delicious addition to your holiday table. Smooth and flavorful, it makes a wonderful gift for any wine-lover!

Wine   Schloss Wieser