Adam At The Lake St. Cheese Case


At Pastoral our commitment to artisanal products of highest quality truly shines through our assortment of cut-to-order cheese from all over the world. 

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Lake Street Cheese Case Our highly trained staff of storytellers can take you from our cheese counters to the farms and creameries that we proudly support. Behind every cheese is a cheesemaker hard at work and behind every cheesemaker is a dairy farm with its own unique story. Whether our producers raise their own animals or buy fresh, premium milk we are dedicated to old world, sustainable practices of dairy farming and the preservation of ancient cheese making traditions.

Our Fromager takes much pride in selecting small batch, unique cheeses to fill our cases. A focus on the evolving international food movement brings us the best versions we have found of classic European cheeses and the newest gems from the United States. Our ever growing relationship with the American Cheese Society has transformed our cheese cases into an even balance of old and new world cheeses ripe for the picking.

Pastoral’s cut-to-order cheese counters guarantee that your choices will make it to your home in the best possible condition. Every person behind the counter is delighted to share their passion for cheese with you, offering tastes of our product and tidbits of information to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for.