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Pastoral is a mecca for cheese lovers and party hosts alike. The attention paid to quality and craft does not stop at the cheese; the wine and beer selection at Pastoral is carefully chosen to accompany our many styles of cheese as well as the artisanal spirit of our store. The knowledgeable staff at Pastoral is always available to entice your taste buds and educate you about the artisan delights that make the store so unique. One of our specialties is helping you discover the perfect pairing for foods, wines and beers you have selected to ensure that they are well enjoyed together! We aspire to provide the same assistance in our online store.


At Pastoral, we focus on smaller, estate driven producers that practice environmentally conscious agriculture.

We seek out wineries using sustainable, organic and biodynamic techniques, and those that source grapes from their own vineyards. We want to know that our wines are carefully looked after from vine to bottle.

Our wine selection includes classic expressions of the world's major wine regions and intriguing bottles from exotic locales. We represent popular varietals and exciting blends. From Bordeaux to Mendoza, and Merlot to Bonarda, we believe that exploring wine should be as fun, delicious and enlightening as choosing cheese. Stop by our stores and check out our wine wall; the wines are arranged by body, from lightest to fullest, to mirror the cheeses in the case it will pair well with, from the freshest to the most aged. And our knowledgeable staff is always eager to help you find the perfect pairing.

At Pastoral we believe, in matters of wine and cheese, the total experience is greater than the sum of its parts. We are happy to offer suggestions of cheese, charcuterie and accompaniments to add that extra touch. Visit soon so we can help you put together an impressive and delicious wine and culinary spread.

WHAT WE'RE DRINKING THIS MONTH: White Wines From Emerging Regions

Badenhorst Winery

We will be offering a selection of wines from regions that are a little bit off the beaten path that are producing wines of distinct quality. These wines are also perfectly suited for summertime drinking; they pair well with patios, listening to music outside, sunshine and CHEESE!

We will be showcasing wines from:

New Mexico 

New Mexico has a long history of grape growing dating back to the 1600’s. Prohibition basically put an end to all winemaking outside of sacramental wines and it wasn't until the1970’s that grape growing began to take root. The arrival of Gilbert Gruet has put New Mexico on the map. Gilbert landed in the 1980’s and his namesake winery produces some of the best domestic sparkling wines available.

NV Gruet ‘Sauvage’ Blanc de Blancs – A Chardonnay based bubbler that sees no dosage (no added sugar after 2nd fermentation) and is beautifully crisp and refreshing. Sauvage offers bright mineral notes followed by traces of green apple, lemon meringue pie, with a hint of daisy. This wine finishes with bright, crisp acidity on the palate with a light yet long finish. This is a perfect wine for all the acid freaks out there. 


Sicily has a long history of winemaking going back to Roman times. In the late 1700’s it became famous for Marsala wines (fortified and aged similar to Sherry’s solera system). Nowadays Sicily’s wines are beginning to gain recognition for dynamic red and white wines. With the extreme temperatures, Sicilian white wines tend to be very crisp and refreshing with just the right amount of coastal influences.

Tami ‘Grillo’ – Tami is a co-op winery founded by Arianna Occhipinti and some friends and named after a local wine bar/store. Arianna works with the farmers, had them convert to organic farming and use natural yeasts with minimal sulfur addition. Grillo is a local varietal that makes very crisp and refreshing wines. The Tami Grillo is broad and deep yet light-bodied with honeysuckle aromas and flavors. Gorgeous aromatics of tangerine blossoms, jasmine tea, chalky minerals and white figs leap from the glass followed by a bright tropical citrus core and brilliant minerality. 


Winemaking and Corsica go back quite a long time (Napoleon was actually born into a winemaking family) and although the island is a part of France, much of its wine culture comes from Italy.

Domaine Maestracci ‘E Prove’ Vermentinu – Roger Maestracci saw a good thing coming and jumped on it. Back in 1948, a giant olive oil producer packed up and left the island leaving an intact production facility with concrete walls so thick that cool air maintains a constant temperature in what is now the winery. Roger retired in the late 80’s and his son in law now runs the domaine producing varietals like Sciacarello, Nielluciu and Vermentinu (which is Vermentino in Italian or Rolle in French)
This is 100% Vermentino fermented in stainless steel and bottled young to maintain the freshness and iodized ocean breeze of the terroir. The wine has a fascinating smoky note, with a round feel in the mouth and a very tasty herb character.

South Africa 

Winemaking goes back to the 1600’s with the arrival of the Dutch East India Co. who set up vineyards to grow grapes to stave off scurvy. Not much notice was given to the region due to lack of quality as well as boycotts of apartheid. However, modernization and open channels for export have created a wine boom in South Africa and there is a new wave of high quality wines coming out of the region.

Badenhorst Family Wines ‘Secateurs’ Chenin Blanc – Adi Badenhorst is surfing that new wave of quality producing some of the best wines coming out of South Africa; focused on making natural wines that speak of the terroir of the region. This magnificent wine is sourced from 50+ year old Chenin Blanc bush vines that are dry farmed, very low yielding and that transfer fantastic minerality to the wine. It was fermented in a combination of concrete tanks and old French oak barrels for added texture and palate weight. Winemaker Adi Badenhorst is a very charismatic guy, outspoken, opinionated and talented, his charisma rubs off upon the wines he creates. 


BeerA stylistically broad spectrum selected with pairing in mind.

The broad range, ancient history, and global renaissance of artisanal brewing is showcased in our edited selection of large format brews tailored to offer our patrons the opportunity to pair specific beer styles with cheese, charcuterie, and chocolate.

We stay on task all year selecting our sometimes iconic and sometimes rare rotating collection of bottles brewed both near and far to bring you the next perfect pairing. Our eager staff prides itself in advocating the best brewed pairing option, be it Schwarzbier with Camembert, Rye Ale with Prosciutto or IPA with Stichelton.

Let our cheesemongers introduce you to the ease with which the varied textures, flavors, and persistent bubbles of beer can make our edible offerings sing and make your next gathering unique.