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Pastoral is a mecca for cheese lovers and party hosts alike. The attention paid to quality and craft does not stop at the cheese; the wine and beer selection at Pastoral is carefully chosen to accompany our many styles of cheese as well as the artisanal spirit of our store. The knowledgeable staff at Pastoral is always available to entice your taste buds and educate you about the artisan delights that make the store so unique. One of our specialties is helping you discover the perfect pairing for foods, wines and beers you have selected to ensure that they are well enjoyed together! We aspire to provide the same assistance in our online store.

what we're drinking this month: ARtisan producer festival offerings

This month we will be showcasing a few special bottles from producers attending Pastoral's 4th Annual Artisan Producer Festival. While all of the nearly 100 producers attending this year are close to our hearts, we've rounded up a few to showcase in stores this month.

Forlorn Hope 'Que Saudade' Verdelho

This 457 case production is from Winemaker/Proprietor Matthew Rorick, champion of lesser-known varietals that are growing clandestinely throughout California. The wine is refreshing with notes of pear and peach with great acidity that will leave you longing for another glass.

Rhine Hall Distillery ‘Apple Brandy’

We are excited to partner with Rhine Hall as the first retail location outside of the distillery to sell their apple brandy which we will launch at the Artisan Producer Festival on April 12th. A true family business, they take inspiration from Austria’s classic Eau de Vie and the bounty of Michigan produce to create a uniquely Chicago product.

Ale Syndicate ‘Omega-Midnight Stout’

We searched near and far to find the most cheese friendly stout and it turns out it was in our own backyard. This stout is brewed in Chicago where they select special yeasts to create a powerful beer that is dry and malty with plenty of coffee aromas.

Journeyman Distillery ‘Featherbone Bourbon’ Pastoral Barrel #148

The Pastoral staff tasted 8 different barrel samples before selecting barrel #148 to be bottled exclusively for us. They used descriptors like "caramel popcorn", "sweet and smooth", "burnt pork ends" and "sweet maple bacon" to describe this corn based whiskey which is aged for 1 year in charred oak.


At Pastoral, we focus on smaller, estate driven producers that practice environmentally conscious agriculture.

We seek out wineries using sustainable, organic and biodynamic techniques, and those that source grapes from their own vineyards. We want to know that our wines are carefully looked after from vine to bottle.

Our wine selection includes classic expressions of the world's major wine regions and intriguing bottles from exotic locales. We represent popular varietals and exciting blends. From Bordeaux to Mendoza, and Merlot to Bonarda, we believe that exploring wine should be as fun, delicious and enlightening as choosing cheese. Stop by our stores and check out our wine wall; the wines are arranged by body, from lightest to fullest, to mirror the cheeses in the case it will pair well with, from the freshest to the most aged. And our knowledgeable staff is always eager to help you find the perfect pairing.

At Pastoral we believe, in matters of wine and cheese, the total experience is greater than the sum of its parts. We are happy to offer suggestions of cheese, charcuterie and accompaniments to add that extra touch. Visit soon so we can help you put together an impressive and delicious wine and culinary spread.

A Line Up Of Craft BeerCraft Beer

A stylistically broad spectrum selected with pairing in mind.

The broad range, ancient history, and global renaissance of artisanal brewing is showcased in our edited selection of large format brews tailored to offer our patrons the opportunity to pair specific beer styles with cheese, charcuterie, and chocolate.

We stay on task all year selecting our sometimes iconic and sometimes rare rotating collection of bottles brewed both near and far to bring you the next perfect pairing. Our eager staff prides itself in advocating the best brewed pairing option, be it Schwarzbier with Camembert, Rye Ale with Prosciutto or IPA with Stichelton.

Let our cheesemongers introduce you to the ease with which the varied textures, flavors, and persistent bubbles of beer can make our edible offerings sing and make your next gathering unique.