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Pastoral is a mecca for cheese lovers and party hosts alike. The attention paid to quality and craft does not stop at the cheese; the wine and beer selection at Pastoral is carefully chosen to accompany our many styles of cheese as well as the artisanal spirit of our store. The knowledgeable staff at Pastoral is always available to entice your taste buds and educate you about the artisan delights that make the store so unique. One of our specialties is helping you discover the perfect pairing for foods, wines and beers you have selected to ensure that they are well enjoyed together! We aspire to provide the same assistance in our online store.


At Pastoral, we focus on smaller, estate driven producers that practice environmentally conscious agriculture.

We seek out wineries using sustainable, organic and biodynamic techniques, and those that source grapes from their own vineyards. We want to know that our wines are carefully looked after from vine to bottle.

Our wine selection includes classic expressions of the world's major wine regions and intriguing bottles from exotic locales. We represent popular varietals and exciting blends. From Bordeaux to Mendoza, and Merlot to Bonarda, we believe that exploring wine should be as fun, delicious and enlightening as choosing cheese. Stop by our stores and check out our wine wall; the wines are arranged by body, from lightest to fullest, to mirror the cheeses in the case it will pair well with, from the freshest to the most aged. And our knowledgeable staff is always eager to help you find the perfect pairing.

At Pastoral we believe, in matters of wine and cheese, the total experience is greater than the sum of its parts. We are happy to offer suggestions of cheese, charcuterie and accompaniments to add that extra touch. Visit soon so we can help you put together an impressive and delicious wine and culinary spread.


MuscadetMuscadet has historically been overlooked when it comes to quality but the next generation of producers are doing their best to change that perception. The region is most known for making wines from the Melon de Bourgogne grape which tend to be medium-bodied with electric acidity, tropical fruits and stunning minerality. Jo Landron of Domaine de la Louvetrie and Fred Niger Van Herck, who recently took over Domaine de l'Ecu, are two of our favorite winemakers who we are fortunate to be able to call them friends of Pastoral. Both have made visits to our stores this year and shared their passion and philosophy for winemaking as well as their wines with our team. Jo and Fred are making more than just Melon which makes us even more excited to share their wines for this month's beverage focus.
Domaine de la Louvetrie | Jo Landron is one of the leaders when it comes to biodynamic farming in the region. His Muscadets are wonderfully fresh and he also makes a vibrant sparkling wine from Folle Blanche and Pinot Noir grapes. We will be featuring Atmospheres, an intently convivial sparkler - dry with coursing bubbles and high pitched acid matched with berry fruit and Fief du Breil, rich and linear all at once. Intense care in the vineyard and long aging on the lees makes for a memorable wine rivaling the quality of great village level Burgundy.
Domaine de l'Ecu | Fred Niger Van Herck just wants to fight against the bad image of Muscadet and he's doing it through biodynamic farming and winemaking as well as crafting beautiful mineral driven whites and unique and thought provoking reds. This month, we will be pouring their Cuvee Classique, the quintessential wine for not just oysters, but cured meats, boat rides, and patio sessions. It retains a gorgeous texture from lees aging with a grassy, light green garden peas and citrus on the nose. Featured will also be Rednoz, a 100% Biodynamic Cabernet Sauvignon from Muscadet, not something you see everyday. This wine sees no oak and allows the Cabernet varietal to shine. Cassis, subtle tannin and more than a little acidity make this a very versatile pairing option.
At Bar Pastoral this month, enjoy a flight of these delicious, varied wines from two of the only biodynamic producers in the Muscadet region - paired with Peitit Nuage from Landmark Creamery, Martone from LaClare Farms, Ashlyn from Spring Brook Farm Cheese and classic Comté. Sample the wines of the Muscadet region at this month's Afternoon Explorations on Saturday, May 23rd, from 2:30 to 3:30 pm. Tickets are only $5 (FREE for Beverage Loyalty Members ) and are redeemable towards any purchase in our retail location next door after the tasting.


BeerA stylistically broad spectrum selected with pairing in mind.

The broad range, ancient history, and global renaissance of artisanal brewing is showcased in our edited selection of large format brews tailored to offer our patrons the opportunity to pair specific beer styles with cheese, charcuterie, and chocolate.

We stay on task all year selecting our sometimes iconic and sometimes rare rotating collection of bottles brewed both near and far to bring you the next perfect pairing. Our eager staff prides itself in advocating the best brewed pairing option, be it Schwarzbier with Camembert, Rye Ale with Prosciutto or IPA with Stichelton.

Let our cheesemongers introduce you to the ease with which the varied textures, flavors, and persistent bubbles of beer can make our edible offerings sing and make your next gathering unique.