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Make a List and Check it Twice - Our NEW Gourmet Gift Catalog Has Arrived!

From the cheese and wine novice, to the discriminating gourmand, our new gift guide features collections that serve as a guided exploration of some of our favorite products.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to not only sell artisan products we deeply care about, but to also give our customers the opportunity to expand their knowledge of artisan foods with each visit to our stores. These educational gift collections bring that signature Pastoral experience right to your door so you can taste your way to cheese expertise!



cheese 101 2 500x500 wine 101 500x500

Treat your favorite foodies to a little beginner's luck with a delicious introduction into the world of cheese and wine pairings. Cheese 101 makes the world of artisan cheese is a lot less intimidating with a collection of varied styles and flavors to introduce you to the basics of cheese. Pair it with Wine 101 which features classic varietals from familiar regions that offer a straightforward introduction into the vast world of wine.


best of the midwest 2 500x500 sweet home chicago 500x500

Our hometown heroes,  Best of the Midwest and  Sweet Home Chicago are back this year, with a refresh of course! Loaded with our favorite local products, they make a wonderful edible postcard.

chicago farmers market 2 500x500

We are also very excited to introduce a new Windy City-inspired collection - Chicago Farmer's Market - which features a few of the delightful products you'll find at our seasonal outdoor markets all over the city. This collection of fluffy, fresh chèvre from Champaign, crisp housemade toastettes, spicy, spreadable Calabrian salami and sweet heirloom tomato relish is just a small taste of what our city has to offer from our talented locals.


comfort food 2 500x500

Gifts for every occasion are also featured this year, like the Comfort Food  collection which includes comforting array of sweet, savory and familiar treats when you can't deliver a hug in person. Slightly salted French butter, old school Wisconsin brick cheese spread and sweet ginger pickles provide a salty balance to the sweet, nutty Gruyère, fluffy, double cream Manchester and flaky oat cakes. Delightfully crisp chocolate-covered pretzels provide the perfect sweet and crunchy finish to this heartwarming spread.

gourmet gratitude 2 500x500

If you find yourself looking for a bounty of handcrafted and indulgent treats to express thanks when a card and flowers won't do, the Gourmet Gratitude features a variety of distinct salami, cheese and pantry items to show your thanks. Rich and complex Caveman Blue pairs beautifully with raw honey from Spain and uniquely spiced chocolate ‘salami’ from Olympia Provisions. Pickled mustard seeds add sharp acidity and unique texture to a savory, spicy Alpine and earthy goat salami. Locally crafted preserves in sophisticated flavors are a sweet, yet subtle accompaniment to smooth aged goat cheese from LaClare Farms.


world traveler 500x500 connoisseur 2 500x500
Abundant gifts like the globally-inspired World Traveler feature world class products that are the best in their category. The Connoisseur  goes beyond the basics of artisan cheese to explore the world of elegant, esoteric cheeses, rich in history and complex flavors.


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