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Thanksgiving + Holiday Wine Pairings

At Pastoral, our wine portfolio focuses on small-batch artisan wines that pair perfectly with food and there's an overwhelming number of Turkey-friendly wines out there. To make things a little easier for you, we have a few recommendations, not only for your turkey dinner, but for any holiday occasion where hearty, rustic and comforting food is abundant.




Sparkling wines are perfect for the holidays. With a  delightful POP! and effervescent bubbles, they are by their nature celebratory and pair so well with everything on the table, cutting through rich fats and sauces.

  • Furlan Prosecco – Just a touch of residual sugar but with enough to acidity to keep things fresh. $18.99
  • Champagne Camille Saves – Every day should call for Champagne but sometimes people need a special occasion. Not just for the connoisseurs; this is the perfect way for everyone to celebrate family and friends coming together. $59.99



Riesling is a great option because it is such a diverse varietal. It can be sweet, dry, highly acidic or fruity.

  • Keller Riesling Trocken (Trocken is German for dry) – This bone dry Riesling is ideal because it can liven up an over-cooked turkey but also has the acidity to cut through all the gravy. $22.99
  • Guiberteau Saumur Blanc - Chenin is so versatile, with just enough weight and a touch of honeysuckle. $24.99



Depending on the palate of your guests, and the complexity of flavors in the dishes you're serving, you can go heavier or lighter when it comes to red wines and Thanksgiving.


Heavier wines are great for standing up to bold, deep flavors; it's important to find wines that complement and don't overpower lighter dishes.

  • Field Recordings ‘Fiction’ - This should be on every table whether it comes in a bottle or a CAN - juicy, spicy and robust but it has just enough acidity to keep it from being flabby. The perfectly-portioned cans are a great mix of classy, yet casual for those hosting a low-key 'Friends-giving'. The higher ABV is helpful because sometimes its your turn to be the drunk relative at Thanksgiving. $19.99


On the lighter side the safe bet is Pinot Noir. A lighter-bodied wine allows light, delicate herbs to shine and acts as a beautiful backdrop for your meal.

  • Brooks 'Runaway Red' Pinot Noir – A great introduction to Oregon Pinot Noir that maintains cherry fruit but also a touch of savory, earthy mushroom. $19.99

turkey tags

Look for our turkey tags in stores to indicate which wines make for perfect pairings.

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