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Cheesy Chat with Pastoral

  • What's That Smell?

    Last night at our monthly staff meeting we had the opportunity to try three brand new additions to the cheese case.

    The Fromage d'O'Cow is coming to us from Cato Corner in Connecticut (say that five times fast). If you like washed rind cheeses, this earthy well balanced creamy cheese is right up your alley.

    Lancaster Duet from Raymond, Nebraska is a raw mixed milk cheese of both goat and cow. If you like nutty, earthy, creamy cheeses then this Gouda style cheese is right up your alley.

    Trio is a new triple cream cheese from Andante Dairy in Petaluma, California. Goat and cows milk with the addition of creme fraiche make this fluffy white cheese an instant favorite!


  • Saturday ( free) Wine Tasting!

    Come and join us this coming Saturday, March 7th from 6:30pm-8:30pm for our first free tasting cheap nfl jerseys of the wholesale nba jerseys New Альфа-гель Year! This month we wholesale nfl jerseys are focusing on Wines and Spirits along with Irish Cheeses for your St. Patrick’s Pairing Day celebrations! Bring a friend, come in and taste what our Welcome! wine expert Jan Test recommends to help make your Best gathering truly special!

    Mark it on your calendar, the first Saturday of every month is a free tasting day at Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread & Wine’s Loop location. Every month our wine guru Jan comes up with a new theme. In the past we have done “Wines under $20”, “Wines from Long Island”, and “Dessert Wines”. The tastings Pairing are always free, and always open to the public.


  • Weekend Pairing

    Whether you call it Mouvedre or Monastrell, if you love Heart big fruity, jammy, leathery, spicy red wine You’ll adore what we’re pouring this Welcome! weekend. One of the new additions to our shelves it is the 2006 wholesale mlb jerseys Salina “Mo” Monastrell from Spain. This dry wine Bee certainly does pack a wallop!

    We are pairing the wine with Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar from Seattle. Clothbound Cheddars wholesale nfl jerseys are a favorite among all of us here, Weekend and when it gets a butter rub cheap nba jerseys during it’s 12 months of aging like the Beecher’s does, it takes on a decadent quality.

    Paired course with the blueberry and thyme compote this pairing is bursting with savory and sweet cheap nba jerseys notes. Guaranteed to help warm Zelfstandigen you up this cheap nba jerseys weekend. Come in and see what we mean!


  • Weekend Pairing

    Cesar (our cheese BMD buyer) and Welcome! Jan (our sommelier/wine buyer) have come up with another great pairing. This weekend we are wholesale jerseys featuring the Affidelice, a washed rind cheese from the Burgundy region un of France, black cherry and licorice vieux confit and a 2006 cheap jerseys Furlan Traminer from Italy. Together this wholesale jerseys is a wow combination! Come on in this cheap MLB jerseys weekend, and try it for yourself.


  • Welcome!

    Hi there and welcome to the Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread and cheap nfl jerseys Wine blog. We are a small independent cheese shop with two locations in Chicago, IL. With a location downtown by Millenium Park, and our original location in Lakeview right by Bobtail ice cream, you’re never too far from cheap mlb jerseys good artisan cheese, bread or wine.

    Whether it’s snacks and sandwiches wholesale jerseys for an office party, a catering tray for a special event, or op a bottle of wine to wholesale nfl jerseys bring with you to your favorite BYOB restaurant, here at Pastoral Artisan, we’ve got you covered.

    This blog is here to give you a more intimate look at what we do and who we are. to Of course we will keep you up to date on new events and products coming into the store, but we also want to answer questions you might have and The get people eating, drinking and talking.

    We will open this blog up to our diverse staff whom many of you know already. Jan, our sommelier/wine buyer and Cesar our cheese buyer are just two of the many people who will be sharing their experiences with you all as our blog progresses.

    Stay tuned! Tipps Something is cheap jerseys always happening at Pastoral Artisan and with our blog you’ll be the first to know.


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