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  • APF Producer Highlight: Giornata


    Born from a love of all things Italian, Giornata showcases Italy’s traditional varietals in a new setting: the Central Coast of California, in Paso Robles to be exact. Initially starting with one barrel of handpicked nebbiolo, husband and wife team – Brian and Stephanie Terrizzi – have become key players in the Cal-Ital movement. A handful of producers have found luck growing and producing Italian-inspired wines from California soil. With a rustic edge, these showstopper Cali wines reflect an Italian sensibility alongside pure fruit and exquisite depth. Giornata’s offerings are no exception. Sicilian in heritage, Brian found himself inspired by not only the country’s unique and varied grapes but also the winemaking style. After working for Rosenblum Cellars, Brian traveled to Tuscany where he worked alongside Paolo DeMarchi at Isole e Olena where he gained invaluable knowledge and experience.


    Stephanie, or Stephy as she is sometimes called, discovered her passion for wine while employed at a wine bar in Illinois of all places! Earning her advanced sommelier certificate from WSET Court of Master Sommeliers, Stephy and Brian make a formidable team when it comes to balanced winemaking and vineyard management. We here at Pastoral are so pleased to have Stephy in town to show off Giornata’s wares during our Artisan Producer Fest Saturday April 30th from 11am to 3pm at the Chicago French Market (131 n. Clinton).

    Read on for a sneak peek of what Stephy will pour at Giornata’s table.

    Giornata “il Campo Bianco” Field Blend

    A field blend in the truest sense of the term, the “il Campo Bianco” varies vintage to vintage as the best grapes are picked to make this refreshing and clean white. Utilizing all Italian varietals, Fruilano, Vermentino, Pinot Grigio and even Fiano are known to make the cut. The grapes are crushed, destemmed and soaked on their skins for a few hours and then gently basket-pressed into stainless steel where the wine is naturally fermented. Light and fresh without the addition of oak to weigh heavily upon the pure fruit, the bianco is bright and citrusy with an underlying flinty quality made for hot sun.

    Giornata “il Campo Rosso” Field Blend

    Giornata’s signature house style, the “il Campo Rosso”, is a blend of mostly Sangiovese with Barbera, Nebbiolo and Aglianico. Similar to the bianco, the grapes are destemmed and gently pressed, then fermented without the addition of yeast or commercial bacteria. Once fermentation is complete, the wine sees 11 months in neutral oak and stainless steel before bottle. With only 400 cases produced, this medium to fuller-bodied quaffer is loaded with cherry and boysenberry fruit tones, highlighted by a bracing acidity and rustic texture. Herbaceous notes of sage alongside cocoa and hints of leather balance the fruit and add a pleasing depth to the grippy finish.

    -Kit Hamlen

  • New Artisan Bread Selections from La Fournette Bakery + Pastoral!

    We've unveiled a new selection of artisan bread offerings from local Alsatian-inspired bakery -La Fournette. Follow us here and on Facebook all week long as we tell you a little bit about each of the breads we'll be carrying from World Champion Baker, Pierre Zimmermann.

    Beer BreadBEER BREAD

    A traditional Alsatian bread, beer bread has a moist crumb due to the addition of mashed potatoes and a crispy crust due to the beer mixture. The crispy crust is due to the rye flour, salt, yeast and beer applied only to the outside of the bread. The spongy crumb and rustic exterior make this the perfect bread for hearty soups and stews or as the base of delicious sandwich.


    This a classic rustic French bread, a rectangular loaf with a crisp, brown crust and tender interior. It’s simplicity makes it the perfect companion to soup or as a classic French sandwich with a bit of ham, butter and peppery arugula.

    Stop by any of our 3 locations in the city of Chicago to have one of our cheesemongers create the perfect selection of artisan cheese, La Fournette bread, accouterments and wine - just for  you!


    Make a List and Check it Twice - Our NEW Gourmet Gift Catalog Has Arrived!

    From the cheese and wine novice, to the discriminating gourmand, our new gift guide features collections that serve as a guided exploration of some of our favorite products.

    We pride ourselves on taking the time to not only sell artisan products we deeply care about, but to also give our customers the opportunity to expand their knowledge of artisan foods with each visit to our stores. These educational gift collections bring that signature Pastoral experience right to your door so you can taste your way to cheese expertise!



    cheese 101 2 500x500 wine 101 500x500

    Treat your favorite foodies to a little beginner's luck with a delicious introduction into the world of cheese and wine pairings. Cheese 101 makes the world of artisan cheese is a lot less intimidating with a collection of varied styles and flavors to introduce you to the basics of cheese. Pair it with Wine 101 which features classic varietals from familiar regions that offer a straightforward introduction into the vast world of wine.


    best of the midwest 2 500x500 sweet home chicago 500x500

    Our hometown heroes,  Best of the Midwest and  Sweet Home Chicago are back this year, with a refresh of course! Loaded with our favorite local products, they make a wonderful edible postcard.

    chicago farmers market 2 500x500

    We are also very excited to introduce a new Windy City-inspired collection - Chicago Farmer's Market - which features a few of the delightful products you'll find at our seasonal outdoor markets all over the city. This collection of fluffy, fresh chèvre from Champaign, crisp housemade toastettes, spicy, spreadable Calabrian salami and sweet heirloom tomato relish is just a small taste of what our city has to offer from our talented locals.


    comfort food 2 500x500

    Gifts for every occasion are also featured this year, like the Comfort Food  collection which includes comforting array of sweet, savory and familiar treats when you can't deliver a hug in person. Slightly salted French butter, old school Wisconsin brick cheese spread and sweet ginger pickles provide a salty balance to the sweet, nutty Gruyère, fluffy, double cream Manchester and flaky oat cakes. Delightfully crisp chocolate-covered pretzels provide the perfect sweet and crunchy finish to this heartwarming spread.

    gourmet gratitude 2 500x500

    If you find yourself looking for a bounty of handcrafted and indulgent treats to express thanks when a card and flowers won't do, the Gourmet Gratitude features a variety of distinct salami, cheese and pantry items to show your thanks. Rich and complex Caveman Blue pairs beautifully with raw honey from Spain and uniquely spiced chocolate ‘salami’ from Olympia Provisions. Pickled mustard seeds add sharp acidity and unique texture to a savory, spicy Alpine and earthy goat salami. Locally crafted preserves in sophisticated flavors are a sweet, yet subtle accompaniment to smooth aged goat cheese from LaClare Farms.


    world traveler 500x500 connoisseur 2 500x500
    Abundant gifts like the globally-inspired World Traveler feature world class products that are the best in their category. The Connoisseur  goes beyond the basics of artisan cheese to explore the world of elegant, esoteric cheeses, rich in history and complex flavors.


    © 2014 Galdones Photography

    Visit us at any of our 4 retail locations in the city of Chicago, including our brand new location in Andersonville which features a full-service, 75 seat restaurant - Appellation . You can alsoshop online for in-store pickup , local delivery and nationwide shipping .

  • Pairing Beer & Cheese for Chicago Craft Beer Month

    This month we're highlighting the amazing food-friendly beers of our hometown Chicago. There are a multitude of talented brewers churning out craft beer that pairs perfectly with artisan cheese. Stop in to one of our 3 retail locations or Bar Pastoral where we are showcasing selections from Une Annee Brewery, Lagunitas, Ale Syndicate and Begyle Brewing Company.

    Beer Cheese and Charcuterie ClassThe effervescent, grassy and cereal-like components of craft beer makes it an ideal pairing for artisan cheese. Use this guide to get started on your journey, but don't be shy! Take risks and enjoy your favorite beers and cheeses together to find out for yourself what works.


    5051Salty, mineral blues with a fudgy finish are a natural mate to rich, chocolate stouts and porters with bitter espresso notes. The density of these beers also make for a great mouthfeel for the richness of firmer blue cheeses like Stilton. Try the raw milk version, Stichelton with Omega Midnight Stout from Ale Syndicate for a dynamic dessert cheese plate.


    Good Thunder 500x500There are a multitude of styles, flavors and textures attributable to washed rind cheeses, making it nearly impossible to mail down one specific beer that works well with them all.  Interestingly enough, washed rind cheeses have a history steeped in the monastic traditions of washing their farmstead cheese in the beer they had brewed themselves. Any time your drinking a cheese washed in beer or liquor - try them together! One basic rule is too avoid hoppy beers like IPA which tend to enhance the bitter nature of washed rinds. Stick with brown ales and porters that will lend a bit of soft sweetness to these earthy cheeses.


    Beer And Cheese SmallIt's all too easy to smother the delicate flavor profile of a velvety and luscious bloomy-rinded cheese with an overpowering pairing. To lift and highlight them instead, pair them with citrusy bottle-fermented Belgian ales like Saison to cut through the richness. The bright, yeasty and refreshing beers add a much needed balance to the indulgence of triple cremes and aged goat cheese.


    2210Alpine cheese play so nicely with beer! They have a deep, earthy, meatiness to them that is mightily enhanced by amber bocks, Blegian pale ales, Flemish red ales and so much more. We really like firmer Alpines with a bit of crystals formed, like Challerhocker with beers crafted using Belgian yeasts. Try this brothy, savory cheese with Maya from Une Annee Brewery who specialize in French and Belgian style ales made with a proprietary blend of their native yeasts.


    Isle Of MullThis classic combination is one of the first most people encounter without even realizing it. What's better than a juicy cheeseburger and an ice cold beer?! The sharp and bold flavors of cheddar stand up nicely to the bitter nature of classic IPAs, revealing their tropical, citrus and floral notes. If you're looking to put a little Spring in your step for St. Patrick's Day, pair the Emerald Isle's Isle of Mull Cheddar with Begyle's Hophazardly for a blissfully balanced pairing that reveals the hidden spice in both components.

  • Snuggle up with your love this month and treat them (and yourself!) to our new winter menu!

    belgain endive salad lowOur new dishes feature bright colors, piquant flavors and fresh ingredients to warm you up from the inside out. Our Belgian Endive Salad features creamy Fourme D'Ambert blue cheese from France, blackberries, toasted walnuts and orange vinaigrette tossed with crisp, fresh endive. A delicious way to keep that 'healthy eating' New Year's resolution.Roasted Root Vegetable Soup, Kale Saladand Mushroom Cakes with carrot fennel slaw and chili aioli are just a few of the light yet satisfying vegetarian offerings we've added to our menu.
    Mushroom Cakes Over Low
    Duck Confit LowOur larger plates feature hearty, comforting dishes to keep you warm all winter long. Slow cooking methods, roasted root vegetables and rich, savory sauces are the stars of our new seasonal menu. Braised Short Ribs with roasted rainbow carrots, cipollini onions and cauliflower puree is the perfect hearty course to keep you warm on chilly winter nights. Housemade Duck Confit served on a bed of whipped potatoes and charred brussels sprouts is drizzled with tart and aromatic pomegranate molasses - the perfect dish for sharing with that special someone over a few glasses of wine.


    Monteenebro Plate 2 LowSmaller plates offer the perfect opportunity to try a little bit of everything the season has to offer. From Housemade Charcuterie, elevated Bar Bites and Composed Cheese Plates - there's something for everyone looking for an elegant snack.  Focused plates featuring one cheese and a few select accompaniments are a great way to explore some of the more interesting and nuanced cheeses on our menu. Composed cheese plates like the Challerhocker Plate featuring a savory, nutty Alpine paired with chocolate peanut brittle, black pepper shortbread and butterscotch sauce offer a sweet unexpected finish. For a more savory exploration, consider the Monte Enebro Platewhich features an earthy, piquant and complex aged goat cheese from Spain paired with leek jam and housemade wheat crackers.


    We're celebrating Valentine's Day with a few special menu items to share with your special someone from Friday, February 13th - Sunday, February 15th. Our regular menu will also be available as well as select wine pairings:

    Valentine's Dinner Specials

    Cheese Plate  | 12

    Brillat Savarin with Almond Palmier "Hearts", Frisee with Champagne Vinaigrette and Cherry Balsamic Reduction

    Entree | 32

    Beef Cheeks, Butter Roasted Scallops with Jamon Serrano Wrapped Asparagus, Lobster Veloute and Coarse Ground Polenta

    Dessert | 10

    Robiola Rochetta Semifreddo, Pistachio Brittle and Strawberry Curd

    Valentine's Cocktails, available for brunch and dinner service

    Rose Gimlet | 10 - Letherbee Gin, cranberry juice, lime
    Heart 2 Heart | 10 - Journeyman Distillery Featherbone Bourbon, lime, topped with Bell's Two-Hearted Ale

    day 12 Reading RacletteCelebrate the 12th day of cheesemas with this classic holiday selection! This stunning raclette-style gem gives you lovely butter, easy fruit, and a gentle bite on the palette with a classically pungent nose. This cheese is made to be melted, especially in traditional Swiss cuisine!


    day 11 Gorgonzola MountainThe dense and creamy slopes of Gorgonzola Mountain await, reserving their spiced earthiness for only the most brazen of adventurers to tackle its summit. This is one of our more approachable blues, the perfect introduction to blue cheeses for those who have been tentative in the past.

    Stop by any one of our three retail locations in the city of Chicago, and you could be the random winner of 1/3 lb. of this amazing cheese!


    day 10 Fleur du MaquisAlso known as "Brin D'Amour", the exterior of this tangy sheep milk cheese is coated with a rosemary, thyme, coriander seed, juniper berries, and sometimes tiny whole chili peppers, all packing a powerful punch!

    Stop by any one of our three retail locations in the city of Chicago, and you could be the random winner of 1/3 lb. of this amazing cheese!


    day 9 Big Ed'sThis delicious farm-style young gouda is a trifecta of buttery, melty, cheesy joy! Pair it with dark beer or melt it into one of the best grilled cheeses ever.

    Stop by any one of our three retail locations in the city of Chicago, and you could be...

  • Celebrate American Cheese Month at Pastoral and Bar Pastoral!

    acm medley 500x500October is American Cheese Month

    AMERICAN CHEESE MONTH is a celebration of North America’s delicious and diverse cheeses, and the farmers, cheesemakers, retailers, cheesemongers, and chefs who bring them to your table.

    We're celebrating all month long with special dishes and events at Bar Pastoral and special visits from cheesemakers in our retail locations. You'll also find featured cheeses in store and online as well as a special American Cheese Gift Medley paired with a few of our favorite American wines.

    In honor of American Cheese Month , we're proud to have uncovered four hidden gems from around the country:

    Award-winning Bay Blue from Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese, is a fudgy cow milk blue from California full with layers of amazing salty, sweet and mineral flavor. Judy Schad of Capriole Cheese company has been a pioneer in the American artisan cheese movement from the very beginning and her tangy, earthy O'Banon wrapped in Woodford Reserve soaked chestnut leaves is a shining example of her accomplishments as a cheesemaker. The Hedrich Family isn't new to the cheese game either, their cow and goat milk cheddar, Chandoka is mild and fruity, showcasing LaClare Farms' commitment to crowd-pleasing cheese. Not all American cheese has strict American roots, Alemar Cheese company's Good Thunder is a robust and savory washed rind square in the style of a French Reblochon; the cheese is washed in Surly Brewing's oatmeal brown ale, Bender. Quince and Apple's Fig and Black Teaspread is made in small batches in Wisconsin; the perfect companion to all four cheeses; sweet, yet grounded from the black tea.

    The American Cheese Month Medley is available in our 3 retail locations and online | $64.99

    We're also celebrating with special visits from artisan producers like Tim Gaddis of Many Fold Farm in Atlanta, Georgia and Leslie Cooperband from Prairie Fruits Farm in Champaign-Urabana. We're hosting a very special event on Sunday, October 26th at Bar Pastoral with legendary Breakfast Queen, Ina Pinkney . Bar Pastoral's chef Brooks Hart will be collaborating with Ina on a selection of inspiring dishes from her most recent cookbook, Taste Memories, featuring select American artisan cheeses. No tickets are necessary, just join us for brunch, meet the author and celebrate American Cheese Month !

    You'll also find American Cheese plates featured in stores and at Bar Pastoral , paired with American artisan wines we'll also be highlighting for the month. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on in store producer visits, Bar Pastoral events and a chance to win a FREE American Cheese Medley.

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