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New Artisan Bread Selections from La Fournette Bakery + Pastoral!

We've unveiled a new selection of artisan bread offerings from local Alsatian-inspired bakery -La Fournette. Follow us here and on Facebook all week long as we tell you a little bit about each of the breads we'll be carrying from World Champion Baker, Pierre Zimmermann.


A traditional Alsatian bread, beer bread has a moist crumb due to the addition of mashed potatoes and a crispy crust due to the beer mixture. The crispy crust is due to the rye flour, salt, yeast and beer applied only to the outside of the bread. The spongy crumb and rustic exterior make this the perfect bread for hearty soups and stews or as the base of delicious sandwich.


This a classic rustic French bread, a rectangular loaf with a crisp, brown crust and tender interior. It’s simplicity makes it the perfect companion to soup or as a classic French sandwich with a bit of ham, butter and peppery arugula.

Stop by any of our 3 locations in the city of Chicago to have one of our cheesemongers create the perfect selection of artisan cheese, La Fournette bread, accouterments and wine - just for  you!

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