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  • Why We Are Drinking Portuguese Wines This June


    They're Versatile

    As cheesemongers and food aficionados, we're always searching for dynamic wines that suit even our most whimsical cravings.  With hundreds of indigenous grape varietals, Portugal offers everything from spritzy and refreshing Vinho Verde to deeply colored and rich Port wines. the wines of Portugal can match any course of any meal.

    They're Approachable

    While Port wines are classic and warrant high prices, the relatively undiscovered still wines are reasonably priced....for now.  With offerings in all the colors of the wine spectrum (White, Rosé, Red), you're sure to find something that matches your tastes as well as your budget.

    They Match the Season

    Two Words: Vinho Verde. Be it white or rose the young spritzy wines of Portugal's north are the perfect answer to summer refreshment.

    Port and Madeira

    These often misunderstood wines fortified wines offer a vast spectrum of style on their own. These are perfect cheese wines, and they're also great with dessert or as an apéritif before dinner to help whet your appetite.  Oh and did we mention that, when well made, they are de-lec-ta-ble!

    Oh yeah, and this!


    Did you know our founding fathers toasted with Madeira after signing the Declaration of Independence?! 'Merica and Madeira.  Okay, so Independence Day is next month, but every day is the right day to celebrate being a part of this great society!

    If you're interested in learning more about Portuguese wines, check out one of our free Portugal-focused wine tastings this month or attend our guided tasting  at Bar Pastoral on June 22nd!

  • Chrissy Camba Makes Gnudi on WGN's Lunchbreak

    Bar Pastoral's Gnudi on WGN's Lunchbreak

    Chef Chrissy Camba was recently invited to WGN's Lunchbreak segment.  Watch the segment below to see how she does it, and be sure to click here for the full recipe!

    (Segment begins after a short advertisement, thanks for your patience!)
  • See Behind the Building of Bar Pastoral!

    Our friends at moss design, the super cool Chicago design studio who helped us realize Bar Pastoral have posted a great video about the project.  It's easy to look good when you've got a great team of designers, artists and contractors on your side!

  • The Sandwich King is Coming Back, and His First Stop is Pastoral

    We're big fans of The Sandwich King here at Pastoral, which would come as no surprise if you saw the amount of sandwich experimenting going on during our staff's lunch breaks. As many of you will have probably guessed, we definitely share his passion for all things sandwich.

    Long-time customers will know that our sandwich business grew out of our intense (borderline disturbing) love of cheese and the wonders of pairing cheese with different items. We at Pastoral view pairing as the centering philosophy of our business: everything in the stores is selected specifically because of the pairing possibilities that it offers the other items that we carry, whether we're talking about cheese, wine, beer, charcuterie, vegetables, or even confections.

    Sandwich creation possibilities and ingredient pairings are two things we spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about so we were thrilled that the Jeff and the good folks over at The Sandwich King thought of us. We're even more excited to watch what happens this Sunday April 15th at 10 AM Central! 

    Which sandwiches do you think Jeff will feature? What's your favorite? Leave your thoughts in the comments and keep an eye out for some new sandwiches making it into a Pastoral near you in the near future!

  • Pastoral's 2nd Annual Artisan Producer Festival

    4/28: Save The Date-- Come meet over 70 makers of the artisan foods and beverages you love at this unique Chicago event!

    Join Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread & Wine at the Chicago French Market for this amazing free event where you can taste, learn and appreciate some of America's (and the world's!) finest producers of cheese, wine & spirits, craft beer, baked goods, confections and other gourmet foods at our second annual festival.  Stay tuned for more updates and profiles of the people and the products being featured and be sure to join us for this memorable one day event that showcases the products you can purchase all year long from the vendors of Chicago's newest culinary destination.  For more information visit us at

  • PASTORAL Gifts Featured on NBC's TODAY Show

    We are so excited that we were selected by Women's Day Magazine for their segment on mail order Holiday Food Gifts on NBC's TODAY Show this morning!  Check out this segment which features two of our cheese gifts.  Oh, and look at those Route 11 chips!  You can get them at Pastoral as well!

    Check out the video here

  • Thanks for the good times, American Cheese Month!

    We have so many fond memories of American Cheese Month... It seems like only two days ago we were posting profiles of American Artisans every day on our Cheesy Chat, painting the town orange (and white... and blue...) with all-American cheese plates at some of our favorite Chicago Restaurants and meeting the fantastic artisan producers behind it all!

    One of our highlights is certainly our staff trip to Wisconsin. We got to meet a lot of small producers from this big dairy state and get a fantastic idea of where our cheese comes from.  And a big part of the fun for us is sharing that experience as best as we can with you!

    Please enjoy this video re-cap of our 1 day whirlwind tour! 

  • Mimolumpkin

    A Mimolumpkin is a pumpkin carved out of a wheel of the french cow's milk cheese, Mimolette.

    This creature was invented by former Pastoral manager Greg Ellis and its creation was caught on video! This is no hoax, folks. Check out the video! Happy Halloween!

  • The 1st Annual Pastoral Artisan Producer Festival: The Trailer

    Watch this video for a great preview of some of the wonderful artisan producers that will be joining us for the festival on April 30th at the Chicago French Market!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Share with your friends! Bring your families! This promises to be a fantastic and memorable event for all involved.

    artisanfestivallogoThe 1st Annual Pastoral Aristan Producer Festival is taking place on Saturday, April 30th from 11AM-3PM at the Chicago French Market (131 N.Clinton).

    This will be the first event of its kind in the Chicago area as it is an opportunity to meet over 35 of the finest food artisans from around the United States and taste their products FOR FREE!

  • Pastoral wholesale cheesemonger, Lisa Futterman, joins Hot Chocolate's Mindy Segal, to chat cheese & beer pairings on

    A big thank you to Hot Chocolate's Mindy Segal for inviting Pastoral's own Lisa Futterman to participate in this discussion about the emerging world of cheese & beer pairings.


    Stop by any Pastoral location to have a go at some explorations of your own.  Here are a couple suggestions for American artisanal cheeses & beers that play well together:


    Cheese: Grayson from Meadow Creek Dairy (Mindy's favorite!)

    Using raw, pasture-fed Jersey cow’s milk, Southern Virginia’s Meadow Creek Dairy brings us award-winning Grayson. Like it’s old-world ancestor Taleggio, wheels of Grayson are square and have a sticky, washed rind that protects its creamy interior. As a farmstead cheese, it is made on the farm, from the milk of the cheesemakers’ own herd of cows.  The cheese has a pungent, assertive aroma but when tasted, sweet, savory, fresh, buttery and beefy flavors all shine through.


    Beer: PranQster Belgian-Style Golden Ale from North Coast Brewing Company

    The North Coast Brewing Company is located on California's Mendocino coast and has been in operation since 1988.  Their PranQster golden ale has a fruity, pale malt bouquet that lifts from the glass, bringing with it hints of honey, clove and a distinctly funky banana.  The palate starts with fruit, a little melon and the yeastiness from the aroma returns.  A malty sweetness then gives way to baking spices and a pinch of pepper followed by a bitter citrus from the hops.


    Cheese: Pleasant Ridge Reserve from Uplands Cheese Company

    This cheese, which is produced in Dodgeville, WI, was first introduced in 2000 and is modeled after alpine mountain cheeses such as Beaufort, Comte, and Gruyere. It is the only cheese to have won Best in Show from the American Cheese Society more than once and has now received this distinction on three separate occasions: 2001, 2005, and 2010.


    Beer: Gossamer Golden Ale from Half Acre Brewing Co.

    Half Acre Brewing Co. got their start back in 2006 and we're lucky to have them just around the corner from us at 4257 N. Lincoln Ave in Chicago, IL.  Golden ales are a fairly prevalent style in the marketplace, but few examples are as flavorful and distinctive as the Gossamer.  The floral aroma of this beer reflects some citrus, pineapple, and a bit of yeasty-ness.  There's some light citrus in the flavor as well that's reminiscent of lemongrass or fresh orange juice, making Gossamer a very crisp, drinkable session  beer.

    Happy pairing!

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